Lexrae Support.

Working with you to create a better future.

Supporting You.

Independent Living

Our team will assist you in your day-to-day living to promote your independence to your full potential e.g budgeting, cleaning, washing etc.

Personal Care

If required, our team will prompt and support you in completing your personal care to help promote a healthy routine.


Our team will assist you in ensuring your medication management is to the highest standard. If required, our team will support you to order, collect and administer medication as prescribed and support you to all appointments.

Healthy Lifestyle

We will always promote a healthy lifestyle, this is from your daily intake of food & drink to exercise and activities of your choice to ensure you stay fit & healthy.

Day Centre

Our day centre is available to everyone! Whether that’s to socialise, learn yourself a new skill or to just have fun!

Travel Activities

Our team will assist you in organising holidays within the UK or abroad, all holidays are arranged so our team can be in attendance with you.

Our Promise.

Want to work for us?

Looking into pursuing your career or starting a new one? We can offer great pay, an excellent benefits package and guaranteed career progression.

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