Holyhead Road

Holyhead Road is a successful new service supporting five

young adults in Wellington. Caroline Thomas is the manager of Holyhead and has

let us know how she has got on so far:

“I enjoyed being involved with building Holyhead from the outset. Getting to meet new clients building a trusting working relationship and completing transitions. Holyhead opened end of February 22. During the transitions I got the opportunity to observe the clients in different settings, gathering valuable information and tools to be able to facilitate a smooth transition. Working alongside other professionals and families.

The day-to-day life at Holyhead is very routine led and is different from other sites, using a lot of visual aids to assist the communication needs of the individuals It has been a great experience to build on, witnessing the individuals building relationships with their peers. All the clients access the community being involved in lots of different activities, individual and group.

It has been a pleasure to assist the individuals to maintain routines, activities, and relationships. Holyhead has a fantastic staff team that has come together and provides a harmonious positive environment, encouraging independence.

I am looking forward to the future to provide a caring, safe, inclusive environment supporting the individuals into adulthood.”

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