The Community Hub

Before Christmas of 2021, Lexrae opened its long-awaited

Community Hub. The Day Centre has been a huge success since its opening,

providing activities and support for our service users and for other members of

the community.

Craig Jones, the manager of the Community Centre, has given us his description of how he feels the community hub is doing:

Hi, I’m Craig. I am the Day Service Coordinator at Lexrae Support Community Hub. Lexrae Community Hub provides day service opportunities for adults with a diagnosis of a learning disability, Autism, and mental health conditions. We offer on-site skills and activity based sessions to promote independence, mental and physical wellbeing, social skills, life skills, reablement, and so much more. Our sessions include, Arts & Crafts, Performing Arts, Beauty Room, I.T Skills, Gaming & Entertainment, and a sensory room.

Every day is different at the hub, and that’s the beauty of working here. Managing the hub is a wonderful day to day mixture of combining the needs of our clients, working with my team to schedule sessions and content, working to transition in new clients, and most importantly trying to ensure that everyone is having a positive and meaningful experience. Maintaining that balance is the main challenge to this role.

I have a small but ever increasing team. We have Anna, Corey, Deb, and Nicola. They are great, and use their skills, knowledge and talents to help me to maintain our ethos and the quality that we strive to achieve for our clients. We are busy creating a solid foundation, welcoming new clients, developing and fine tuning our sessions to be the best they can be, and planning for growth. It’s an exciting time at the beginning of our journey and we are looking forward to the future of the hub. 

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